In Naples Community Hospital v.Desmond Hussy,M.D., a Florida state court held that the Medical Staff By-Laws, and the Hospital policies enacted by the Board pursuant to those By-Laws, constitute a contract between the Hospital and the individual members of the Medical Staff. However, this did not entitle a physician to a due process hearing following the denial of his application for Medical Staff membership and clinical privileges. This physician’s privileges had expired. During the term of the physician’s prior privileges, the Hospital had entered into an exclusive contract, granting a different physician the exclusive right to practice those privileges at the Hospital. Although the Hospital allowed the physician with the existing privileges to continue to practice those privileges until the natural expiration thereof, his application for renewal was denied. The court held that the physician was not entitled to a due process hearing because the By-Laws provided for a due process hearing only if the privileges were terminated for professional cause, but not if they were not renewed as a business decision of the Hospital.