Aggressive Subrogation Saves on Health Plan Costs. 
An aggressive subrogation program can save your business money on health plan costs.     Tucker Arensberg has handled subrogation for employer health  plans for many years.  We like to tell the story about how one year, one subrogation recovery alone paid for all the technical employee benefits work for the client for the entire year.   Although this result is not typical, we do our very best to make sure we help our clients control their health plan costs.

Typically self-insured plans will let the plan’s third party administrator (TPA) handle subrogation.   What this means in many cases is that the TPA will hire outside lawyers, unknown to you and your company, to handle subrogation recoveries for the company’s plan.  These lawyers typically keep a percentage of the recovery. Sometimes the TPA will also keep a percentage that is in addition to the administrative fee they already receive. The company  may not be aware of  how much of the health plan’s recoveries are being retained by these parties.  And  the fiduciaries of the company’s health plan have a duty to understand how much is not being returned to the plan.

Why Use Tucker Arensberg?
We think there is no better lawyer to handle subrogation for your company’s health plan  than a lawyer who advises employer plans on a routine basis.   Not only do we at Tucker advise on the technical employee benefits laws that govern health plans, but we routinely handle subrogation recoveries for plans.    Our involvement with your company’s  health plan assures you that your subrogation rights will be vigorously pursued and protected.    And, we work with you directly in keeping you informed and keeping you in control of the recoveries for the plan.