The Questions and Answers below apply to the recent decision by the Centers for Medicare & Medicare Services to hold for up to 10 business days claims paid under the Medicare physician fee schedule (MPFS) that contain July 2008 dates of service.

Q1.      Will claims containing services paid under the MPFS be held that contain both June and July dates of service?

A1.      Yes, your local contractor will hold the entire claim for 10 business days.

Q2.      Will claims be held that contain both services paid under the MPFS and services paid under a separate fee schedule?

A2.      Yes, claims that contain both services paid and not paid under the MPFS will be held. For example, a claim with a July date containing an Evaluation and Management code and a drug code would be held.

Q3.      Does the holding of claims paid under the MPFS also include anesthesia and purchased diagnostic services?

A3.      Yes, contractors will hold all claims with dates of service July 1, 2008, and after that contain services paid under the MPFS, including anesthesia and purchased diagnostic services.