1.         Medicare Physician Fee Schedule. The sustainable growth rate (SGR) automatic physician compensation reduction of -10.6% was retroactively replaced with a .5% increase, essentially maintaining the .5% conversion factor increase implemented for January-June 2008.

2.         Incentive Payments. Extends through 2010 incentive payments for implementation of electronic prescription systems (EPS).

3.         Medicare Advantage Plan

·        Essentially eliminates funding for 2014

·        Begins phase out of IME costs in 2010

·        Requires private fee for service contractors to negotiate specific contracts, rather than merely "match" Medicare

4.         DMEPOS Bidding.

·        Invalidates the Round 1 competitive bidding on contracts and requires rebidding

·        Delays bidding of Round 2 until 2011

5.         Accreditation. Authorizes the Secretary to recognize hospital accreditation by bodies other than the Joint Commission.

6.         Miscellaneous

·        Extends the 60-day locum coverage period if the covered doctor is in the active military

·        Doctors adopting EPS will be eligible for a 2% bonus

·        The 5% physician scarcity bonus will be eliminated while the 10% HPSA bonus remains