Once enrolled in the Medicare Program, physicians, other non-physician individual practitioners and physicians group practices are required to notify CMS of changes in their practice structures. These requirements are sometimes referred to as change in ownership (CHOW) rules. Physicians and other individuals are required to report the following on form CMS-855-I:


1.         Change of business structure;

2.         Change of legal business name or tax identification number;

3.         Change of practice location;

4.         Change in practice status;

5.         Change in adverse legal actions regarding Medicare exclusions and state licensure;

6.         Change in reassignment of benefits; and

7.         Change in banking arrangements for reassignment payments.


Further explanation of the definition of those changes is contained in the link below from the CMS alert published on September 18, 2008.

Physicians group practices must report the following changes on form CMS-855(B):


1.         Change of legal business name or tax identification number;

2.         Change in practice location;

3.         Change in authorized or delegated officials;

4.         Change in legal action;

5.         Change in ownership or management interest control of more than 5%;

6.         Change in banking arrangements; and

7.         Change in reassignment benefits, but this change should be reported on form CMS-855(R).


Further information and definitions regarding these changes are also contained in the links below.

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