HR 2536, The Emergency Nursing Supply Relief Act, See has been introduced in the House by Congressman Robert Wexler.  Although there is a long process ahead this first step provides hope for much needed relief for the U.S. nursing shortage as it will make immigrant visas specifically available for nurses.  These visas are currently unavailable and have been backlogged for the past three years.  Foreign nurses are required to meet extensive credentialing requirements to work in the U.S.  See  Nurses are limited entry under the H-1B temporary worker visas unless they are Nurse Practitioners or Advanced Practice Nurses as most states do not require a minimum of a Bachelor degree to perform the work of a registered nurse.  Therefore the availability of a green card for nurses would provide a viable option for U.S. health care employers to supplement their nursing needs with much needed foreign nurses.  The bill’s text was released in May of 2009 and is similar to H.R. 5924, introduced last year.  The bill would allocate 20,000 additional green cards per year for three years for nurses and physical therapists.  Spouses and children will get green cards and will not be included in the 20,000 figure.  Employer petitioners will pay a $1500 fee in addition to regular green card fees.  The fee will support nurse training programs around the U.S.