CMS has issued a final rule in 42 CFR § 488.438(c)(2), which will be effective January 1, 2012, which states:

·         “When CMS determines that a SNF, a dually participating SNF/NF, or an NF-only facility subject to a civil money penalty imposed by CMS self-reports and promptly corrects the non-compliance for which the civil money penalty was imposed, CMS will reduce the amount of the penalty by 50 percent, provided that all of the following apply:

1.         The facility self-reported before it was identified by CMS or the state or by a complaint through a third party;

2.         Correction of the self-reported non-compliance occurred on the earliest of:

(i)         15 calendar days from the date of the circumstance or incident that later resulted in a finding of non-compliance; or

(ii)        10 calendar days from the date the civil money penalty was imposed; and

3.         The facility waived its rights to a hearing;

4.         The compliance that was self-reported did not constitute a pattern of harm, widespread harm, or immediate jeopardy, or result in the death of a resident;

5.         The civil money penalty was not imposed for repeated deficiency;

6.         The facility has met mandatory reporting requirements for the incident or circumstances upon which the civil money penalty was based.