The deadline to be in compliance with Version 5010 HIPAA electronic administrative transactions is January 1, 2012.  All physicians, other health care professionals, payers, and clearinghouses that electronically submit HIPAA transactions will be required to comply.  Risks associated with failing to comply include claim rejections and interrupted cash flow.

Free webinars are available through the GetReady5010 website at  This educational website’s sponsors include the AMA, WEDI, HIMSS, HBMA, and AHIMA.  The webinars focus on testing Version 5010 HIPAA electronic administrative transactions.  These webinars cover the following topics: (1) testing for large and small practices and facilities; (2) how to test with Medicare fee-for-service; and (3) testing with commercial payers and clearinghouses.  These resources will help your practice prepare for the January 1, 2012 deadline for complying with  Version 5010 HIPAA standards.