Contributed by Lee Kim, Esq.



The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced that it will adopt rules to enable Medical Body Area Networks (MBANs)).  MBANs are low-power wideband networks.  MBAN technology comprises multiple body-worn sensors that transmit patient data to a control device for actively monitoring a patient’s health, such as vital signs, blood glucose level, etc.

The allocated spectrum is at 2360-2400 MHz for MBAN use on a secondary basis.  MBAN use of the 2360-2390 MHz band will be subject to registration with an MBAN coordinator and additional coordination if warranted by location.  Use of this band will be restricted to indoor operation at healthcare facilities.  However, MBAN devices that use the 2390-2400 MHz band will not require registration and coordination.  The use of this band may be used in any location, including in-home residential settings.

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