The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has announced the implementation of trademark clearinghouse services.  The trademark clearinghouse  will function as an information repository, offering authentication and validation services for trademark data. Trademark holders and generic top level domain (gTLD) registry operators will rely on the trademark clearinghouse to support rights protection mechanisms for the new gTLD domain name space. The trademark clearinghouse is designed to be available globally, with capabilities for validating trademark data from multiple global regions.

Upon the anticipated execution of final agreement(s), Deloitte Enterprise Risk Services (a department of Deloitte Bedrijfsrevisoren BV ovve CVBA) will serve as the authenticator/validator service provider, and IBM [International Business Machines of Belgium sprl / bvba] will provide technical database administration services. Both Parties will subcontract IPClearingHouse BVBA (aka CHIP) in order to facilitate theses services.

ICANN is currently working with Deloitte and IBM to build and prepare for operation of trademark clearinghouse services to support the new gTLDs. Both firms will take part in the public discussion refining technical and operating specifications.

Information about the Trademark Clearinghouse, including the current implementation model, and estimated fees, is available at This page is a new ICANN resource and will be updated on a regular basis by ICANN to track progress toward launch of the trademark clearinghouse operations.