Michael A. Cassidy and Adam J. Appleberry co-wrote an article titled “Contracting Essentials for All Physicians, Especially Residents and Fellows”. This article will appear in the Legal Summary section of the August 2023 Allegheny County Medical Society (ACMS) Bulletin. The ACMS Bulletin is the Allegheny County Medical Society’s signature publication which reaches over 2,000 physicians in Southwestern Pennsylvania each month.

In summary, when negotiating a physician contract, it is important to pay attention to the restrictive covenants, contract term and termination, malpractice coverage, compensation, and plan for the worst-case scenario. It is necessary to take the time to carefully review and negotiate your physician contract. This is a critical document that will set the terms of your employment for years to come. To read the full article that appeared in the ACMS bulletin, click here.

For assistance with reviewing your physician contract, contact Mike Cassidy at mcassidy@tuckerlaw.com, (412) 594-5515 or Adam Appleberry at aappleberry@tuckerlaw.com, (412) 594-5532.

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