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Ninth Circuit Court Denies Hospital Attorneys’ Fees, but Allows Ad Hoc Due Process

A Federal Court denied prevailing party attorneys’ fees to a hospital in a Health Care Quality Improvement Act (HCQIA) proceeding and allowed the hospital to design its own due process in Fox v. Good Samaritan Hospital. The denial of the attorneys’ fees is basically based upon laches and estoppel theory, because the hospital waited six … Continue Reading

Washington Court Denies HCQIA Immunity for Inadequate Investigation

The cases where hospitals are denied HCQIA immunity are few and far between, especially when that denial is predicated upon the due process requirement of HCQIA, because of the due process exception condoning procedures that are fair under the circumstances. In Smigaj v. Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital Association, the Washington Court of Appeals reversed a … Continue Reading

Attorneys’ Fees Awarded in Failed Peer Review Dispute Pursuant to State Law

In Crow v. Penrose-St. Francis Healthcare System, a Colorado Appeals Court awarded attorneys’ fees to a hospital that successfully defended the claim by a physician seeking damages for breach of contract and torte claims.  The Colorado Rules of Civil Procedures authorized an award of attorneys’ fees when a trial court dismissed an action under Section … Continue Reading