The Health Information Technology for Clinical Health Act (the "HITECH" Act) provides economic incentive for the adoption and meaningful use of health information technology and qualified Electronic Health Record systems ("EHR"s). A physician, other professional, or hospital shall be deemed to be a meaningful EHR user if:

1) Certified EHR technology is used in a meaningful manner;

2) Demonstrates that the certified EHR technology provides for the exchange of health information to improve the quality of health care; and

3) Certified EHR technology is used in a form and manner as specified by the Secretary of Health and Human Services.

This sounds great. But, the amount of information "out there" on meaningful use is overwhelming and it seems that the medical community is struggling with what it is and how it can be implemented. To this end, a commentator on "meaningful" use wrote a succinct, yet compelling, critique of "meaningful use." John’s post on the EMR and HIPAA blog may be found here: <> (last accessed January 20, 2010). or 412.594.3915