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Negotiating an Electronic Health Record Agreement: A Marriage Between Healthcare and Technology

Lee Kim will be giving a webinar on negotiating electronic health record agreements on Thursday, June 20, 2013. EHR’s are increasingly outsourced services provided by specialty vendors who can take advantage of economics of scale and concentrated expertise. But this means that mission-critical health care functions are more dependent on complex systems the provider does not … Continue Reading

HHS Strengthens Health Information Privacy and Security through New Rules

Health and Human Services ("HHS") Secretary Kathleen Sebelius announced yesterday important new proposed rules and resources to strengthen the privacy of health information and to help all Americans understand their rights and the resources available to safeguard their personal health data.  The official release date of the new proposed rules is July 14, 2010.  These … Continue Reading

Deciphering “Meaningful Use” for Electronic Health Record (“EHR”) Technology (Contributed by Lee Kim, Esquire)

The Health Information Technology for Clinical Health Act (the "HITECH" Act) provides economic incentive for the adoption and meaningful use of health information technology and qualified Electronic Health Record systems ("EHR"s). A physician, other professional, or hospital shall be deemed to be a meaningful EHR user if: 1) Certified EHR technology is used in a … Continue Reading