Lee Kim will be giving a webinar on negotiating electronic health record agreements on Thursday, June 20, 2013.

EHR’s are increasingly outsourced services provided by specialty vendors who can take advantage of economics of scale and concentrated expertise. But this means that mission-critical health care functions are more dependent on complex systems the provider does not own or manage.

Negotiating an EHR contract therefore requires that each party recognize what the other party needs for operations and compliance, that both understand what they can and cannot reliably deliver and that they anticipate an evolving relationship. Negotiating must raise and respond to issues ranging from assurances that necessary services levels and services levels will be delivered, to system update and transitions in case of termination, to the complexities of business associate contracting under the new HITECH rules, and many more.

This webinar will therefore cover the provider and the vendor perspectives on issues including:

·         due diligence in defining provider needs and expectations, and vendor qualifications

·         negotiation and definition of services and service levels, and related warranties and representations

·         regulatory coordination, including HITECH and meaningful use

·         the realities of indemnification and liability limitations

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